Monday, June 29, 2009

And The Winner Is

As I mentioned in my first blog post, I'm pretty fanatical about my iTunes statistics tracking. iTunes keeps pretty basic stats so I was happy when I recently discovered which is a great companion to iTunes. allows you to break down your track and artist listening habits in more granular detail than iTunes.

Something of a significant milestone happened a couple days ago with my music tracking: A new first place band emerged. That band was The Black Keys. The fact that The Black Keys are now at the top of the "Top Artists" list is quite impressive considering it was only one year ago that I first discovered them (ok, I didn't discover them, but you know what I mean). In that quickly spent year they have surpassed all the other bands I've been listening to, supplanting The Rolling Stones at the top spot.

Congratulations The Black Keys, I'm sure you're very excited to hear this news and it will keep you going.

Now, I will say that if I had iTunes tracking back in college, Led Zeppelin would have created such an insurmountable lead in the "Top Artist" category that they would likely never be replaced. I'm not exaggerating by much in saying that for a 3 year period Led Zeppelin accounted for 99% of my music repertoire. It all started when a friend of mine left a couple Led Zeppelin CD's at my house by mistake. From that moment on over the next few years, Led Zeppelin was all I listened to. They still hold the top spot in my iTunes library for most songs in the library given the countless live bootleg recordings I have.

Who are your Top Artists?

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