Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here We Go

This is a quick first post just to get things up and running.

Today I picked up the latest issue of Wired magazine and there was an article entitled "Living By The Numbers." It's basically about people using all the tools available to us to keep statistics on everything about our lives.

In the article one of the people being interviewed was Roni who called herself a "stat whore." I thought to myself, "I am totally a stat whore!" And I have been for a long time. I love tracking stats on the various things I do. I love the fact that iTunes keeps tracks of the songs I listen to. I'm actually so insane about keeping the iTunes stats that if a song is only half way finished and I'm about to turn off my iPod or computer I wait until the song finishes so it's stats will be properly updated. I'll even admit to taking things a bit further than most; if I want to listen to a song on vinyl, I will actually queue up the record AND start playing the album on my computer just so the stats update on my computer even though I'm actually listening to the vinyl.

So, in this age of "hey, look at me and what I'm doing" mentality, I thought I'd start a blog tracking all the things I keep stats on. As we stand right now on day one these stats will be on running, the gym, and iTunes. I'll be looking to add more things to track as we go.

Thanks for stopping by (although at this point I'm guessing a google search led you here and this site is not remotely what you were looking for).

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